Dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer in Ohio.

Membership Application

Banding Together for a Cancer-Free Future for All Ohioans

Membership/Partner Form

The purpose of the Ohio Partners for Cancer Control (OPCC) coalition is to implement the Cancer Plan. This plan is available for viewing on our Cancer Plan page.

The partnership invites individuals and organizations with an interest in cancer prevention and control to participate in OPCC’s vision – a cancer-free future for all Ohioans. By completing this form, your application will be considered and you will be contacted with any questions or the result of your request.

Roles and Responsibilities

Recruit OPCC members from all geographic quadrants of Ohio, including high-level decision makers and representatives from stakeholder organizations

OPCC Committees may be established to fulfill the mission, purpose, goals, objectives, and strategies of OPCC. These committees can be, but are not limited to: Primary Prevention, Early Detection, and Patient Centered Services. These committees may include designated workgroups for specific objective(s) and corresponding strategies, as needed.

OPCC Committee Chairs

  • Represent committee on OPCC Executive Committee
  • Participate in all OPCC Executive Committee and general membership meetings
  • Schedule committee meetings and/or conference calls (with the assistance of ODH staff, if necessary)
  • Assure progress in implementing committee priority objectives and strategies from the Ohio comprehensive cancer control plan
  • Identify and recruit additional OPCC/committee members, as necessary
  • Provide committee progress updates to OPCC Executive Committee and general membership
  • Coordinate completion of annual assessments including Activity Tracking Form(s) to provide feedback on their organization’s/program’s activities completed in support of Ohio’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan
  • Select committee chairs, as appropriate

OPCC Committee Members

  • Participate in half or a majority of committee meetings/conference calls in a calendar year
  • Commit as an organization and/or individual to assist with implementation of the committee’s priority objectives and strategies from the Ohio Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan

Ohio Department of Health staff

Roles and responsibilities to support OPCC include:

  • Provide a written summary of OPCC meeting discussions, decisions and actions
  • Provide meeting support including working with OPCC chairs to set meeting agendas, handle meeting logistics (space, food, materials/printing, etc.)
  • Provide additional administrative assistance and support to OPCC

We Always Welcome New Members

Together, we can achieve more. New members and fresh ideas are always welcome! OPCC will achieve far greater success than could be accomplished by individual organizations working alone.